City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.

27.04.275 LOT.

"Lot" means a parcel of land designated on a recorded subdivision map as a lot.

(a) "Corner lot" means a lot or parcel of land situated at the junction of and abutting on two or more intersecting streets; or a lot or parcel of land at the point of deflection in alignment of a single street, the interior angle of which is 135 degrees or less.

(b) "Reversed corner lot" means a corner lot, the rear of which abuts upon the side of another lot, whether across an alley or not.

(c) "Interior lot" means a lot other than a corner lot or reversed corner lot.

(d) "Through lot" means a lot which is not a corner lot, that has frontage on two parallel or approximately parallel streets. On a through lot both property lines abutting a street shall be deemed front lot lines.