City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


(a) The project applicant shall:

(1) Submit the signed certificate of completion to the local agency for review;

(2) Ensure that copies of the approved certificate of completion are submitted to the local water purveyor and property owner or designee.

(b) The certificate of completion shall include the following six elements:

(1) Project information sheet that contains:

(i) Date,

(ii) Project name,

(iii) Project applicant name, telephone, and mailing address,

(iv) Project address and location, and

(v) Property owner name, telephone, and mailing address;

(2) Certification by either the signer of the landscape design plan, the signer of the irrigation design plan, or the licensed landscape contractor that the landscape project has been installed per the approved landscape documentation package:

(i) Where there have been significant changes made in the field during construction, these "as-built" or record drawings shall be included with the certification,

(ii) A diagram of the irrigation plan showing hydrozones shall be kept with the irrigation controller for subsequent management purposes;

(3) Irrigation scheduling parameters used to set the controller (see Section 23.72.130);

(4) Landscape and irrigation maintenance schedule (see Section 23.72.140);

(5) Landscape and irrigation audit report (see Section 23.72.120); and

(6) Soil analysis report or soil management survey, if not submitted with landscape documentation package, and documentation verifying implementation of soil report recommendations.