City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


(a) The elements of a landscape must be designed to achieve water efficiency and comply with the criteria described in this chapter. In completing the landscape project application, project applicants must demonstrate that planting restriction will result in efficient water use by satisfying either of the following criteria:

(1) The landscape areas may include no turf or high-water using plants; and

(2) At least 80% of the plants in non-turf landscape areas shall be native plants, low-water using plants, or no-water using plants; or provide a water budget calculation option that demonstrates project is within the maximum approved water allowance.

(b) The landscape project application shall include the following elements:

(1) Project information:

(i) Date,

(ii) Project applicant,

(iii) Project address (if available, parcel and/or lot numbers),

(iv) Project type (e.g., new, rehabilitated, public, private, cemetery, homeowner-installed),

(v) Total landscape area (square feet),

(vi) Water supply type (e.g., potable, recycle, well) and identify the local retail water purveyor if the applicant is not served by a private well,

(vii) Completed checklist of all documents in landscape documentation package,

(viii) Project contacts to include contact information for the project applicant and property owner,

(ix) Applicant signature and date with statement, "I agree to comply with the requirements of the water efficient landscape ordinance and submit a complete Landscape Documentation Package";

(2) Water budget calculations, if project applicant project elects to use a water budget approach rather than comply with the turf area limitations or specified plant type restrictions;

(3) Soil management report or soil management survey;

(4) Landscape design plans;

(5) Irrigation system design plans; and

(6) Grading design plan or grading design survey.