City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


(a) The requirements imposed by this chapter shall apply to all new construction, and shall apply to existing construction as provided in this section. For the purposes of this section, "existing" shall include (1) buildings and grounds lawfully in existence at the time an ordinance imposing a new requirement becomes effective, and (2) construction and site development for which a building permit has been issued and is still valid whether or not construction has begun.

(b) No alterations, additions, or repairs to existing single family dwelling units shall trigger the need for compliance with the provisions of chapter.

(c) Existing multi-family and commercial buildings and the grounds serving those buildings shall be required to comply with the provisions of this chapter, as follows:

(1) All portions of an existing building that is altered, added, or repaired shall comply with the requirements imposed by this chapter; and

(2) the requirements of 23.54.060 concerning exterior lighting shall apply if based upon documented crime statistics and/or calls for police service to the building there is a demonstrated need for improved crime prevention measures, unless the cost of complying with those requirements exceed 10% of the cost of the proposed building alteration, addition, or repair. If the cost of complying with the exterior lighting requirements exceeds 10% of the cost of the proposed building alteration, addition, or repair, the applicant shall spend at least 10% of that cost exterior lighting requirements imposed by Section 23.54.060.