City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.

23.54.010 DEFINITIONS.

For the purpose of this chapter, the following terms, words, phrases, and their derivations shall have the meaning given in this section:

(a) "Approved" means certified as meeting the requirements of this chapter by the enforcing authority or its authorized agents, or by other officials designated by law to give approval on a particular matter dealt with by the provisions of this chapter with regard to a given material, mode of construction, piece of equipment or device.

(b) "Auxiliary locking device" means a secondary locking system added to the primary locking system to provide additional security.

(c) "Bolt projection" or "bolt throw" means the distance from the edge of the door, at the bolt centerline, to the farthest point on the bolt in the projected position.

(d) "Burglary-resistant glazing" means 5/16" security laminate, 1/4" polycarbonate, or some other security film treatment applied to existing glazing approved by the Police Department.

(e) "City" means the City of San Mateo.

(f) "Class C" or "Class TL-15 safe" means burglary classification TL-15, signifying a combination-locked steel chest or money safe designed to offer a limited degree of protection against expert burglary by common hand tools.

(1) Safes shall weigh at least seven hundred fifty pounds, or shall be equipped with suitable anchors and instructions for anchoring in larger safes, in concrete blocks or to the premises in which located.

(2) All safes of this class shall be equipped with a relocking device. They shall be constructed of open hearth steel, either cast or welded plate, combined with special materials to resist carbide drills.

(g) "Commercial building" means a building, or portion thereof, used for a purpose other than a dwelling.

(h) "Component" as distinguished for a part, means a subassembly which combines with other components to make up a total door or window assembly. For example, the primary components of a door assembly include: door, lock, hinges, jamb/wall, jamb/strike and wall.

(i) "Cylinder Guard" is a hardened ring surrounding the exposed portion of a lock cylinder which is so fashioned as to protect the lock cylinder from wrenching, prying, cutting or pulling by mechanical devices.

(j) "Deadbolt" means a lock bolt which does not have a spring action as opposed to a latch bolt which does. The bolt must be actuated by a key or a key and a knob or thumbturn and when projected becomes locked against return by end pressure.

(k) "Deadlatch" or "deadlocking latch bolt" means a spring actuated latch bolt having a beveled end and incorporating a plunger which, when depressed, automatically locks the projected latch bolt against return by end pressure.

(l) "Double cylinder deadbolt" means a deadbolt lock which can be activated only by a key on both the interior and exterior.

(m) "Dwelling" means a building or portion thereof designed exclusively for residential occupancy, including single family and multiple family dwellings.

(n) "Enforcing authority" means the building official of the City with the assistance of the authorized representative of the Chief of Police.

(o) "Insert" is a hardened steel roller inside unhardened lock bolts to prevent cutting or sawing of the locked bolt.

(p) "Person" means any person, firm partnership, association, corporation, company or organization of any kind.

(q) The word "shall" is mandatory, and the word "may" is permissive and the word "should" is suggestive.

(r) "Single cylinder deadbolt" means a deadbolt lock which is activated from the outside by a key and from the inside by a knob, thumb-turn, lever, or similar mechanism, or has no turnpiece on the inside.

(s) "Single-family dwelling" means a building designed exclusively for residential occupancy by one family.