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City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


Section 3109.1 is amended to add subsection 3109.1.1 to read as shown below:

Section 3109.1.1. Location

A swimming pool may be placed or constructed in any of the required yard areas provided the pool is constructed at ground level and provided the following setbacks are maintained:

(a) For single-family dwellings, the inside face of the pool shall not be less than four feet from any property boundary of the lot or parcel on which the pool is located.

(b) For multifamily dwellings, the inside face of an outdoor pool shall be not less than twenty feet from any property boundary. Indoor swimming pool structures for multifamily dwellings shall also be subject to the setback requirements for accessory buildings, as designated in Chapter 27.70 of the Zoning Code, with the exception that the minimum clearance of 4 feet to the property line and 5 feet to surrounding buildings shall still apply.

(c) No portion of a swimming pool may be constructed in any public utility easement or drainage easement or utility right-of-way. There shall be not less than five feet of open space between the inside face of the pool and any structure.

(d) No part of a swimming pool (water area) shall be located or constructed directly under permanently-installed electric power lines. Pools shall be located in such a manner that overhead conductor clearances meet the requirements of the Electrical Code, Chapter 23.12 of the San Mateo Municipal Code. No pool shall be constructed in any location that violates any State law or Public Utility Commission rules for location in relation to electric power lines, service drops and/or communication lines.

(e) Swimming pools located on slopes must comply with setback requirements as prescribed in chapter 23.40 of the Site Development Code.