City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.

2.80.045 Aggregation of Contributions.

(a) To determine when contributions are aggregated under this chapter, "majority owned" means ownership of more than 50 percent.

(b) If an individual directs or controls an organization's contributions, the organization's contributions shall be aggregated with contributions made by both of the following:

(1) That individual.

(2) Any other organization whose contributions that individual directs or controls.

(c) If two or more organizations make contributions that are directed or controlled by a majority of the same persons, the contributions of those entities shall be aggregated.

(d) Contributions made by organizations that are majority owned by a person shall be aggregated with the contributions of the majority owner and all other organizations majority owned by that person, unless those organizations act independently in their contribution-making decisions.

(e) Aggregated contributions under this section shall be subject to the $1000 contribution limit.