City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


The workers' compensation fund is established and shall be maintained for the deposit of all moneys budgeted for payment of workers' compensation claims under the City's self-insurance program. It shall also be the depository for temporary disability and medical payments recovered from third parties or received while the employee is disabled and is receiving full salary under the provisions of California Labor Code Section 4850 or the City personnel laws and rules. Payments therefrom shall be made for all excess insurance coverage premiums, all proper industrial injury claims against the City and for all pre employment and post employment physical examinations.

The fund may be charged for personnel costs of administering the self-insurance program, including contracts for outside administration and legal expenses, salaries and benefits for the time of city personnel expended thereon and other costs directly incurred in said program.

Said fund shall be established and maintained at a level that the Council periodically determines to be sufficient to properly discharge the City's obligations under the workers' compensation laws of this state. All earnings from investments of the fund and all state-mandated benefit costs recovered shall also accrue to the fund. Such earnings shall be credited to the fund at least once annually before the close of the fiscal year.