City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


Whenever in the judgment of the City Council it becomes necessary in the interest of economy, or because the necessity for a position no longer exists, the City Council may abolish any position or employment in the competitive service; and the employee holding such position or employment may be laid off without taking disciplinary action and without the right of appeal.

The order of layoff of employees shall be established by the Personnel Officer on the recommendation of the department head involved. The department head shall take into consideration the job performance and length of service of employees in preparing a recommended layoff list; provided, however, that no regular or probationary employee shall be laid off from his or her position in any department while any emergency, temporary or provisional employee is serving in the same class in that department.

Employees to be laid off shall be given at least fourteen days' prior notice.

The names of regular and probationary employees laid off or demoted in lieu of layoff shall be placed upon reemployment lists for one year for those classes requiring basically the same qualifications, duties and responsibilities of the class from which layoff or demotion in lieu of layoff was made.

Persons whose names are placed on reemployment lists in accordance with this section, and who are reemployed within the prescribed period, shall be regarded as having been on leave of absence during this period of absence and entitled to all benefits accruing from such leave.