City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


Personnel rules shall be adopted by resolution of the City Council after notice of such action has been publicly posted in at least three public places designated by the City Council, and at least five days prior to City Council consideration. The Personnel Officer shall give reasonable written notice to each recognized employee organization affected by the ordinance, rule, resolution or regulation or amendment thereof proposed to be adopted by the City Council (optional if not within the scope of representation). Amendments and revisions may be suggested by an interested party and shall be processed as provided in the personnel rules. The rules shall establish regulations governing the personnel system including:

(a) Preparation, installation, revision, and maintenance of a position classification plan covering all positions in the competitive service, including employment standards and qualifications for each class;

(b) Public announcement of all tests and acceptance of applications for employment;

(c) Preparation and conduct of tests and the establishment and use of resulting employment lists containing names of persons eligible for appointment;

(d) Certification and appointment of persons from employment lists, and the making of provisional appointments;

(e) Establishment of probationary periods;

(f) Evaluation of employees during the probationary period;

(g) Transfer, promotion, demotion, reinstatement, disciplinary action and layoff of employees in the competitive service;

(h) Separation of employees from the City service;

(i) The establishment of adequate personnel records;

(j) The establishment of appeal procedures concerning the interpretation or application of this chapter and any rules adopted hereunder.