City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


The City Manager shall be the Personnel Officer. The City Manager may delegate any of the powers and duties conferred upon him or her as Personnel Officer under this chapter to any other officer or employee of the City or may recommend that such powers and duties be performed under contract as provided in Section 2.57.170 of this chapter. The Personnel Officer shall:

(a) Attend all meetings of the personnel board and serve as its secretary;

(b) Administer all the provisions of this chapter and of the personnel rules not specifically reserved to the City Council or the personnel board;

(c) Prepare and recommend to the City Council personnel rules and revisions and amendments to such rules;

(d) Prepare or cause to be prepared a position classification plan, including class specifications, and revisions of the plan. The plan, and any revisions thereof, shall become effective upon approval by the City Council;

(e) Provide for the publishing or posting of notices of tests for positions in the competitive service; the receiving of applications therefor; the conducting and grading of tests; the certification to the appointing power of a list of all persons eligible for appointment to the appropriate position in the competitive service.