City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


(a) Each News Dispenser and Compartment shall be maintained by the Permittee in a clean and neat condition, free of graffiti, dirt, other residue, grease, and corrosion, and in good repair at all times. No News Dispenser shall be allowed to be chipped, faded, or cracked or shall contain broken or cracked plastic, glass, or structural parts, including the coin deposit/return mechanism. Adhesive labels, stickers, etc., shall not be displayed on News Dispensers except as required under this chapter.

(b) Any Abandoned News Dispenser or Compartment and any such that has not been maintained in accordance with this section is in violation of this chapter and shall be subject to the removal/recapture provisions.

(c) Any Compartment within a Modular Newsrack that is not used for the sale or distribution of Publications shall remain empty and shall not be used for any other purposes.

(d) The structure and exterior housing of Modular Newsracks within the Mandatory Modular Area shall be maintained by the City or the Operator, if any, except that individual Compartments shall be maintained by the Permittee in accord with Section (a), above. Placement and removal of Publications and the collection and removal of money including maintenance of the coin deposit, coin return and any other operational mechanism, shall be that of the Permittee.

(e) Old or out-of-date material removed from any News Dispenser by any person shall be recycled or disposed of in a lawful manner. Such material shall not be disposed of in any trash receptacle owned or rented by others or owned by the City and placed within the right-of-way without the express written permission of the owner or renter. Such material shall be disposed of in a manner such that it does not constitute litter.