City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.

17.10.090 Revocation; Abandonment

(a) Revocation. Any wireless permit, City pole license, or other authorized use of the public right-of-way granted under this Chapter may be revoked or modified for cause in accordance with the provisions of this Section.

(1) Revocation proceedings may be initiated by the Director.

(2) Action. The Director shall act on the proposed revocation after the time for any appeal has lapsed.

(3) Required Findings. The Director may revoke or modify the permit, City pole license, or right to use, if it makes any of the findings provided in the Design Standards and Application Requirements.

(4) Notice of Action. The Director shall issue a written determination of revocation and mail the determination to the permittee within the timeframe provided in the Design Standards and Application Requirements.

(5) A permittee whose permit or right has been revoked may have the revocation reviewed, upon written appeal to the Sustainability and Infrastructure Commission as set forth in this Chapter.

(b) Abandonment. Wireless facilities no longer used to provide service shall be removed by the last known owner of record of such facility, at the sole cost of said owner and to the satisfaction of the City.