City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


At any time not later than the hour set for the hearing of objections, any person interested may make written protest stating objections against the granting of such franchise. Such protest must be signed by the protestant and be delivered to the City Clerk. At the time set for the hearing of objections, the Council shall proceed to hear and pass upon all protests so made, and its decision shall be final and conclusive, subject to the right of referendum of the people. The council may adjourn such hearing from time to time. If no protest in writing has been delivered to the City Clerk up to the hour set for hearing, or such protests as have been filed, have been heard and determined by the Council to be insufficient or have been overruled or denied, the Council may grant such franchise. Such franchise shall be granted by ordinance adopted in the manner prescribed by law for the enactment of ordinances by the Council.