City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


An applicant for any franchise or privilege mentioned in Chapter 15.08 shall file with the Council an application in writing; thereupon council shall cause to be advertised the fact of such application, together with a statement that it is proposed to grant the same, in a newspaper of general circulation in the City. Such advertisement must state that bids will be received for such franchise, and that it will be awarded to the highest bidder, and the same must be published in such newspaper once a day for ten successive days, or as often during said period as such newspaper is published, if it be a daily newspaper, and if there is no daily newspaper published in the City, then it shall be published in a weekly newspaper once a week for four successive weeks, and in either case the full publication must be completed not less than twenty, nor more than thirty, days before any further action can be taken thereon.