City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


Before any grantee shall have the right or privilege to lay and use, or construct and use, any telegraph or telephone wires, or to operate street or interurban railroads, or automobile bus services, or to construct and use, or to lay and use gas pipe, for the purpose of carrying gas or light, heat or power, or to erect poles, wire, conduits and appurtenances for transmitting electricity for lights, heat or power, along or upon any street, or to exercise any other privilege whatever for which a franchise may be granted, the City shall be required to demand from such grantee the payment of a franchise fee as hereinafter set forth, and the observances by the grantee of all of the terms, provisions, and conditions to be set forth in the ordinance granting the franchise, as hereinafter indicated, and proceedings must be had under the provisions of either Chapters 15.12 or 15.16.