City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.

13.40.100 Major Pruning or Removal Permit Application

(a) Major Pruning and Removal for Projects Subject to Chapter 27.71 Planning Application Requirements. Projects for which planning application approval is required pursuant to Chapter 27.71 of the Municipal Code must comply with the conditions of approval related to Protected Trees.

(b) All Other Major Pruning and Removal of Protected Trees or Pruning and Removal of Street Trees. All other Protected Tree Major Pruning and Removal projects must be conducted in accordance with an approved Major Pruning or Removal Permit as set forth below:

(1) Application. The application for a permit shall be made on forms provided for this purpose and shall state, among other things, the number and location of the trees to be Removed or Pruned by types and the reason for Removal or Major Pruning of each. The request for a Removal permit may only be made by the owner of the property on which the tree is located. Requests for a Major Pruning permit may be made by the owner of a property onto which tree parts extend, after the applicant has notified the tree owner of the application. Permits are valid for six months from date of issue. Extensions may be authorized by the Director. Major Pruning permit applications shall include Pruning specifications prepared by a Certified Arborist in accordance with the most recent ANSI Standards and the ISA Best Management Practices publications.

(2) Decision by Managing Arborist. The Managing Arborist shall review each application and shall consider and evaluate the following:

(3) In rendering a decision regarding Major Pruning:

(A) Current tree condition as well as potential impact to future tree condition;

(B) Danger to people or property; and

(C) Interference with existing structures or utilities; and

(4) In rendering a decision regarding tree Removal;

(A) Factors listed above;

(B) Necessity to remove the tree or trees in order to allow reasonable economic enjoyment of the property;

(C) Effect of tree Removal on erosion and soil retention;

(D) Effect of tree Removal on neighborhood; and

(E) Number of trees a particular parcel can support in accordance with good forestry practices.

(5) In reviewing applications, the Managing Arborist shall give priority to those based on hazard. (S)he may refer any application to another department, committee, board or commission of the City for a report and recommendation or may require the applicant to supply a Certified Arborist's report.

(6) The cost of all work authorized by the permit shall be borne by the party securing the permit.