City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


The following general regulations apply to activities in and on any portion of the Marina Lagoon.

(a) No craft may be moored or docked overnight at any public dock, shore line, or in the Lagoon. Berthing of craft at private docks with encroachment permits shall be allowed.

(b) No type of aircraft, ultra-light glider, or kite may be used or towed on Marina Lagoon.

(c) Navigation markers, aids, and signs shall not be altered or removed except by authorized City representatives.

(d) No refuse, litter, feces, urine, petroleum product, or waste material of any nature shall be thrown or deposited into the waters of Marina Lagoon from the banks, docks, ways, or landing floats or boats.

(e) No ramps, jumps, markers, buoys, stakes, other equipment, or similar obstacles may be permanently or temporarily placed or used in Marina Lagoon without written approval of the City.

(f) It is unlawful for any person to possess or consume any alcoholic beverage in or on any portion of Marina Lagoon.

(g) Use of motorized craft on Marina Lagoon is allowed only for those vessels that possess and appropriately display a valid annual or day use pass.

(h) Marina Lagoon may be used in accord with the regulations set forth in this chapter at all times except when it may be partially or totally closed upon order of the City Manager, Chief of Police or Director of Parks and Recreation.