City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.

13.20.040 ANIMALS.

The following regulations apply to animals in park properties and facilities:

(a) With the exception of dogs on leashes, no domesticated animals will be permitted in any park property or facility except as authorized by the Director of Parks and Recreation or designated representative.

(b) Any dogs permitted in parks shall be continually under leash pursuant to Municipal Code Section 8.02.070 excepting in designated City parks for dogs off leash as defined in Section 8.02.070 in the animal control ordinance.

(c) Under the provisions of Section 8.04.030, any person allowing a dog in their custody to defecate upon park grounds or facilities shall immediately remove and dispose of said feces in a sanitary manner.

(d) No dogs shall be allowed within 20 feet of any installed playground equipment.

(e) It is prohibited to capture, remove, abuse, feed, or kill any wild or domestic animal, reptile, fish or bird, including the eggs or nest of any reptile, wild animal or bird.