City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


(a) The following regulations apply to the issuance of park permits:

(1) No park properties or facilities will be reserved for more than one year in advance of the time of use except by approval of the City Manager or Director of Parks and Recreation or designated representative.

(2) City of San Mateo residents will receive first priority for permits at the time of application. Once a permit is issued, the permittee will not lose his or her permit due to resident priority. Park permits will be processed in the order of receipt of a completed application form.

(3) Events, programs, classes, lessons, tournaments sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department and persons holding a valid Parks and Recreation Department permit have priority for use of park properties and facilities.

(4) Any damages to park properties and facilities caused by any person attending a permit group activity shall be charged to and paid by the permit group.

(5) Unless any one of the following is shown to exist, the Community Service Manager or designated representative shall issue the permit upon the criteria set forth in this chapter: (i) the City has no park property or facility available which will accommodate the activity or which use would not leave at least 25% of the park property or facility physical space or time available for the use of the general public; (ii) the park property or facility requested has already been permitted to another group or person or is needed for programs sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department; (iii) the applicant refuses to agree or does not have the authority to comply in writing with all the conditions described herein of the permit; (iv) the applicant has not tendered the required application fee or user fee with the application or the insurance certificate or security deposit prior to permit issuance; (v) the applicant cannot provide sufficient permit monitors at the rate of one monitor for every 50 participants; (vi) the applicant has been found utilizing park properties or facilities scheduled by the Department without a valid use permit on two or more occasions over the previous six-month period of time; (vii) the applicant is in violation of City ordinances or permit conditions; (viii) the applicant provided incomplete or incorrect information in the application; (ix) the event would present an unreasonable danger to the health and safety of the applicant, or to other users of the park property or facility or to the public or presents an unreasonable threat of damage to park property or is unlawful or obscene.

(6) The Director may require a permittee to provide public liability and property damage insurance with indemnification provisions as may be appropriate to protect the park properties and facilities and the public using such park properties and facilities.

(7) No person shall fail to produce and exhibit a permit he or she claims to have upon request of any department employee or any peace officer who desires to inspect the permit for the purpose of enforcing compliance with any regulations of this chapter. The Director may revoke any permit issued for failure to comply with the requirements of this section.

(8) Within 14 days of receipt of a completed application form, the City shall make a decision on a permit application and shall immediately communicate by telephone and in writing that decision to the applicant. Any person may appeal a permit decision by filing with the City Clerk an appeal in writing to the Director of Parks and Recreation within seven days of notification of the permit decision. The decision of the Director of Parks and Recreation shall be made within 24 hours of the appeal and shall be the final administrative decision of the City, appealable to the Superior Court under the provisions of Section 1094.5 of the Code of Civil Procedure, except that expedited proceedings may be had under the provisions of Section 1094.8 for permits regarding expressive conduct, at the discretion of the appellant.

(b) For special event permits, the provisions of Chapter 17.34 apply.