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City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


The Chief of Police shall examine the application, and if he or she finds it in order, he or she shall recommend that a license be issued, and shall transmit a copy of the application to the license collector, who shall issue a license under Section 10.48.080 upon payment of the required license fee; provided that, in the event that the application required in Section 10.48.090 reveals that applicant would violate the regulations prescribed in Section 10.48.070 or the provisions of some other section of this code, the Chief of Police shall recommend the denial thereof, and transmit such recommendation to the license collector, who shall deny the license. The provisions regarding the right to, time and manner of, appeal there from, hearing by the Council and its findings thereon, and the finality thereof, as contained in Section 10.48.040 shall apply to instances in which applicants under this section may appeal from a denial of a license.