City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


No person shall use, or cause to be used, a sound truck with its sound amplifying equipment in operation for noncommercial purposes in the City before filing a written registration statement in quadruplicate with the Chief of Police, which statement shall give the following information:

(1) Name and home address of the applicant;

(2) Address of place of business of applicant;

(3) License number and motor number of sound truck to be used by applicant;

(4) Make and type of sound truck, its length, width and weight;

(5) Name and address of person who owns sound truck;

(6) Name and address of person having direct charge of sound truck;

(7) Names and addresses of all persons who will use or operate sound truck;

(8) The purpose for which sound truck will be used;

(9) A general statement as to the section or sections of city in which sound truck will be used;

(10) Proposed hours of operation of sound truck;

(11) Number of days of proposed operation of sound truck;

(12) General description of the sound amplifying equipment which is to be used;

(13) The maximum sound producing power of the sound amplifying equipment to be used in or on the sound truck. State the following:

(a) The wattage to be used,

(b) The volume in decibels of the sound which will be produced,

(c) The approximate maximum distance for which sound will be thrown from sound truck.