City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


A permit shall be issued unless the Tax Collector makes one (1) or more of the following findings:

(a) The bingo games will be a fraud on the public;

(b) The bingo games will be conducted at a location or in a manner or the proceeds thereof will be accounted for or expended in a manner which violates any applicable law;

(c) The proposed method or methods of conducting bingo games are contrary to the provisions of this chapter;

(d) The system of record keeping and accounting relating to the conduct of the games and disposition of the proceeds therefrom is inadequate;

(e) An officer of applicant who is responsible for the bingo games has been convicted of a gambling offense or a crime of fraud or theft within the last five (5) years;

(f) The application does not conform to the requirements, terms, and conditions of this chapter;

(g) The applicant has failed to report pursuant to Section 10.34.200, has failed to maintain adequate records, or refused to allow an audit requested by City;

(h) The applicant has failed to meet the charitable contribution requirements, if any, that have been adopted by the City Council;

(i) The applicant has had its bingo permit revoked in San Mateo or elsewhere within the three (3) years preceding application;

(j) The issuance of a permit will be inimical to the public health, safety, morals, peace, or general welfare.

The term "applicant" shall include any predecessor or related organization which has been reestablished in order to apply for a bingo permit or which has officers who were responsible for bingo in an organization whose bingo application was denied by City or whose permit was revoked by City or other governmental entity.