City of San Mateo Law Library
City of San Mateo Municipal Code.


(a) The enforcement officer may serve the compliance order personally upon the responsible party or the property owner to establish personal service of the order. Alternatively, the enforcement officer shall make service of the citation by first class mail. If the responsible party is the property owner, it shall be sent to the mailing address maintained for the property by the County Tax Assessor. If the responsible party is the tenant or other possessor of property where the violation exists, it shall be sent to the property address, if possible. In all other cases, service shall be made at the address maintained for the responsible party by the City for business tax purposes, or at the responsible party's last known address.

(b) The failure of any responsible party to receive a properly addressed and mailed citation shall not affect the validity of any proceeding under this chapter.

(c) Service of the administrative compliance order in the manner described above shall be effective on the date of mailing.

(d) The City Manager may establish appropriate administrative regulations for implementing the ordinance codified in this chapter.