City of San Mateo Law Library
San Mateo City Charter.

6.05 Composition. Qualifications. Terms and Limits of Terms.

The members of all boards and commissions created by ordinance or by this Charter shall be appointed by the council, and shall at the time of appointment and while serving possess the same qualifications as required by this Charter for election or appointment to the council.

The number of members of such a board or commission shall not exceed the authorized number of members of the city council unless the ordinance establishing such additional number be approved by vote of the people or by unanimous vote of the council.

The members of such boards and commissions shall be appointed for terms of four years, except that if the ordinance provides, initial terms may be pared by lot as necessary so that each year one or more terms will expire.

The terms of office of existing boards or commissions having regular terms of more or less than four years shall be pared or extended as to incumbents in such manner as the city council shall determine so as to establish four-year terms in conformity with this section within two years after this Charter goes into effect.

No member of a board or commission shall be eligible for reappointment to the same board or commission after serving two consecutive four-year terms provided that no partial term of office shall be counted as any portion of the consecutive terms.