City of San Mateo Law Library
San Mateo City Charter.

6.01 Library Board of Trustees. Powers and Duties.

There shall be a library board of trustees consisting of five members which shall have the power and duty to:

(a) Exercise the sole responsibility for establishment from time to time of library department policy in selection of books, reading, visual, auditory and like material to be acquired or purchased and the classification thereof, subject, however, to limitations of the budget for such purposes.

(b) Make and enforce such bylaws, rules and regulations as may be necessary or appropriate in the maintenance and operation of public libraries free to the permanent inhabitants and non-resident taxpayers of the city, including fines, penalties, and provision for collection of obligations to the library.

(c) Accept in the name of the city, money, personal property, or real property donated to the city for library purposes, subject to approval of the council, except that unless the council by ordinance provides otherwise, the board shall have the power to accept gifts other than real property in an amount or value of Five Hundred Dollars or less for library purposes or use without specific consent of the council where no obligation attaches to the city other than use for benefit of the libraries, and to hold, convert to cash, invest in insured savings, or expend same for the use and benefit of the libraries.

Funds received by way of gift or bequest for the benefit of the city libraries shall not be subject to appropriation for other purposes, nor other than as provided by the donors except as may be authorized by a court of competent jurisdiction.

(d) Hold in trust and provide for the proper application and use to the library of any gift, devise, or bequest in accordance with the terms and conditions thereof where payment into the city treasury is inconsistent with such terms and conditions, provided the council shall first have approved acceptance of such terms and conditions.

(e) Approve or disapprove the appointment of the librarian, and disapprove of the suspension or removal of the librarian by the affirmative vote of a majority plus one of the board.

(f) Sell or otherwise dispose of surplus books and other excess materials peculiar to a public library under such procedures and upon such conditions as the council shall by ordinance prescribe.

(g) Establish conditions under which non-residents may exercise library privileges.

(h) Serve in an advisory capacity to the librarian, city manager and council with respect to the establishment, maintenance, operation and management of the city libraries, and have and exercise such other powers, duties and responsibilities with respect to the libraries as may be prescribed by ordinance not inconsistent with law or this Charter.

The council may by ordinance from time to time prescribe appropriate procedures for the purchase of books and other materials peculiar to the libraries.