City of San Mateo Law Library
San Mateo City Charter.

10.04 When Charter Effective. Temporary Ordinances.

This Charter shall go into effect for all purposes at the first regular meeting of the city council following approval of this Charter by the legislature. At that meeting or at any meeting held within sixty days thereafter the council may adopt temporary ordinances, plainly labeled as such, to deal with cases of urgent need for prompt action in connection with transition of government in which delay incident to appropriate ordinance procedures would probably cause serious hardship or impair effective city government. Such a temporary ordinance may be adopted with or without amendment at the meeting at which it is introduced and may be made effective immediately, and shall not be subject to the referendum, but it shall stand repealed on the ninety-first day following its adoption and shall not be renewed or otherwise extended as a temporary or emergency ordinance. It shall be published in the same manner as an emergency ordinance.